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Start Making History

Start Making History...

in just Three Easy Steps!

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Step 1:
Register Your School!

Start by registering your school online. Don't worry, it's a quick process (we know you have 3 preps and bus duty).  Payment is simple too - you can choose to have us bill your school (you didn't become a teacher to deal with invoices and red tape).

Step 2:
Administer the Challenge!

Sometime after you register, enter the names of your participating students. Our system will generate a play code for each of them. Then simply schedule a Challenge date (anytime between Feb. 12-23), and sit back while students show off what they know!

Step 3:
Celebrate Your Students!

After the Challenge, you'll receive a detailed report on how all students performed. Celebrate your students for their hard work!  Top scoring students will advance to Regional and National competition, with a chance to take home the crystal trophy as Grand Champion!

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Ready to make history?

The Competition

Once your school is registered, you’ll pick a date for your students to participate.  On that day, you’ll help your students log in.  After that, all you have to do is sit back and watch the fun!  Your results will be sent to you shortly after you complete the competition, and then you can get to the really good part - celebrating student successes!

The Details

  • Easily register and administer the Challenge through our online portal.

  • No travel required!

  • The Challenge can be completed in just 30 minutes.

  • Every interested student in your school can participate - no limit! 

  • Top scorers are invited to advance to Regional and National competition where they can compete for prizes!

Questions About the Questions?

Learn about our game, the questions and how they align to standards!

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